Warning notices issued to 456 food establishments in Pune

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Food and drug administration (FDA) department in Pune has issued warning notices to 456 food establishments in the city that are attached to online food apps. The kitchens of these restaurants were found unclean and violating the norms stated by the Food safety and standards Act, said Suresh Deshmukh, joint commissioner FDA, Pune.

Kitchens of most of these restaurants whom notices have been served were found unclean and not adhering to the Food safety and standard Act norms, according to Suresh Deshmukh, joint commissioner FDA, Pune. Deshmukh said that most online food delivery apps pick up food from these restaurants and deliver it to customers, who are not aware about from where the food comes.

Deshmukh said, “There are 456 eateries in Pune who are members of various online food apps. This information was provided to us by Delhi head office last month and with the guidance of Mumbai branch, we raided the 456 eateries. It was shocking to find that there was not one restaurant which was clean and served proper and hygienic food. They have been asked to improve their services within 15 days or else they will be shut down.” This action was completed in the span of 10 days.

Meanwhile FDA has also filed a case against a popular restaurant in Lonavla for violating the food safety and standard act. Deshmukh said, “We have filed a case against the Upper Deck on Friday under Section 68 of the Food safety and standard act as the hotel was found to be serving stale, expired food and cooking under unhygienic conditions.”

The FDA had conducted an inspection during the months of August and November where they found popular star hotels to have violated the FDA norms. “The star hotels of that stature that levy heavy charges on their dishes at their places served the poorest quality food to their customers. We immediately sent warning notices and have also issued improvement notices. Despite this during re-inspection our staff found that the situation had not changed.Hence their licences were suspended for four to 15 days,” Deshmukh.

Cases against the other remaining hotels too will be filed coming next week, between January 14 and 19, said Deshmukh.

Quick facts

All 456 eateries attached to the online food apps in Pune have been warned and issued notices by FDA

This action was taken and completed in only 10 days’ time. FDA officials started inspecting and issuing notices from January 1 onwards and have completed 456 establishments in just 10 days

FDA evaluates eateries

Last year, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department of Pune in association with the food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) decided to issue hygiene rating certificates to hotels and restaurants in the city. FDA has completed the performance review of 53 hotels and restaurants since January 1.

Suresh Deshmukh, joint commissioner FDA, Pune, said that FDA targets to rate 100 restaurants, who will be certified under the star-based ‘hygiene rating’ system by the end of this month.

“During one of our raids we found the kitchen of a popular restaurant on FC road in poor condition. However many people are unaware about the state of the kitchen and the staff’s poor hygiene. Therefore, we decided to rate these restaurants so as to avoid health issues caused due to the same,” said Deshmukh.

“As of now 53 hotels have been issued hygiene rating certificates. We started this drive on January 1, and the list of best 100 eateries in the city should me ready by the end of this month. We will announce the names of the same once the drive is complete that will be rated on a scale of one to five,” said Deshmukh.


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