New Year Eve zodiac prediction for your resolutions

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You might have made a number of lists for the New Year as far as your resolutions go, whether it is reading more books, cutting down on television or generally just leading a more healthy lifestyle. Now in order to achieve your goals over the next 12 months, you should also know where to begin. Which is why we suggest that you should consult your zodiac signs and help them give you guidance on how to achieve your goals.

So here are resolution recommendations for the year based on your zodiac signs:



You need to be patient and not rush people into making decisions. By doing this you shall ultimately benefit yourself. Your relationships, both at office and with family shall be much better if you follow this advice.



In 2019, giving into your impulses would certainly benefit you. So be more creative, move fast and be confident.


Be practical

Your socialising skills are one of the reasons why you are loved so much. This year you shall face various scenarios where you should focus your attention on one thing at a time and not get distracted easily.



Your ruling planet, the moon, shall undergo two eclipses in 2019, which shall impact your life. These kind of events can affect anyone, but at the same time you must remember that not only should you meet these challenges head on but at the same time accept the different changes that come along with them.



Although we might advise other signs to go with the flow when their life takes unexpected turns, in your case we would recommend that you practice how to channel the desire you have for taking only the best path towards taking a way forward which would be more productive or atleast a novel way in reaching your goals.


Being content

You need to be able to find peace with the way things are, this does not mean that you do shoddy work or slacken in your efforts. However, you need to understand that there is only a certain limit upto which you can push yourself.



You need to ensure that you don’t spend all your energy or resources on any one thing. Your sign depicts the scales for a reason- that is because you need to weight the different resources which you have in your life.


Communication skills

Although you are good at strategy, you need to brush up on your communication skills so that you can effectively get your point across.



You need to ensure that your body keeps up with your mind. Make sure that you rejuvenate before getting into your next assignment or adventure.



You don’t need to do anything dramatic, in fact, just taking a few steps in the right direction could end up taking you towards your goals.


Be proactive

You need to be more observant this year and do more listening than you are normally used to. This shall help you open up to new ideas and perspectives.


Take risks

Taking a laid back approach could get boring for you. However, that does not mean that you need to take the complete opposite approach. However, you need to seek innovativeness in whatever way possible.


Author: Eric